The heart of DNP is to supporting teachers to reach their full potential so they can in turn stimulate quality learning in the little ones.

Pilot Project

The activities of the Foundation build on the results of a very successful pilot project for early childhood development carried out in Surin between 2014 and 2018. 


  1. Capacity building of teachers and caretakers to implement a high quality integrated early childhood development programme.
  2. Ensuring that the programme helps develop the potential of all children in an integrated manner (physical, intellectual, social and emotional development).
  3. Contributing to the sustainability of the programme by working with all concerned stakeholders (teachers/caretakers, parents/grandparents, education committees and tambon and provincial officials) to enhance their effectiveness in monitoring and managing the centers.

Donraed Early Childhood Development
This project supports the development of children’s life skills through literature at Watchaisria-Ard Early Childhood Learning Center, Donraed subdistrict, Surin, Thailand.