ECD Competency Monitoring: Bansa Center Observation

February 22, 2024. The DNPF team visited Bansa ECD Center, Prasat District to monitor competencies of early childhood children according to the indicators in the first domain, which include running with immediate stop, jumping in place with two feet, jumping over hurdles, kicking a ball to a designated pocket. It was observed that most of […]

SRU Collaboration: Enhancing ECD Teacher Development

February 20, 2024. The DNPF management team discussed the results of the research on the Roles of Surindra Rajabhat University (SRU) in the Development of Teachers in Early Childhood Development Centers under Jurisdiction of Local Government Organizations with President of SRU, Dean and the Management Committee of Faculty of Education, and teachers from Department of […]

Watsaengsawang Radbumrung ECD Engagement

February 19, 2024, the DNPF management team visited Watsaengsawang Radbumrung ECD Center, Buached District to have a discussion with the Center’s Management Committee. Khun Ian Porter, Chairman of the DNPF, informed about a history of model ECD centers in Surin Province and an establishment of network centers. The Foundation’s aim is to support all Thai […]

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