Strategy, Progress and Work Program

The the primary focus of the DNPF’s work is to help enhance the training and support provided to ECD teachers and caretakers, mobilize the support of parents and local government officials, and help the development centers become high-quality early learning centers. It is doing so by developing and implementing in some of the poorest regions of Thailand pilot projects for training, coaching and mentoring teachers in high-quality ECD that, in general, have shown excellent results. DNPF is then encouraging local authorities and other stakeholders to replicate and scale up such projects for the eventual benefit of all the 19,000 ECD centers in Thailand. DNPF is also endeavoring to increase national awareness of the value of high quality ECD programs.

This report focuses on the vision, mission, and values of DNPF and how it is organized and managed. It then goes on to discuss DNPF’s objectives, the progress it has made during 2021-22 and its plans for 2022-23 as well as its technical and financial resources.  It concludes with a brief discussion about the importance of ECD for Thailand’s future development.  >> Download Report <<

Currently the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated the closing of all the ECD centers in Surin.  During this period the DNPF team as well as members of the Faculty of Education of SRU are endeavoring to support teachers and caretakers and other stakeholders via LINE and other technologies and with a particular focus on helping parents and grandparents in home schooling of their children. >> Download Report <<

This report focuses first on the design, implementation and results of the pilot project in Surin. It then outlines how the Foundation is organized and managed before describing the Foundation’s objectives and work program 2018-19 as well as its technical and financial resources. It concludes with a brief discussion about the importance of ECD for Thailand’s future development. >> Download Report <<

Progress Reports

The reports focus on the progress with respect to the pilot project and then on the progress with respect to the overall work program of the Foundation.

Progress Report 2020-2021

DNPF’s objectives for the school year 2020-21 as set out in its strategy and work
program were as follows:

a) Work with the Education Faculty of Surindra Rajabhat University (SRU) to expand and sustain support for high quality ECD in Surin;

b) Develop model centers and partnerships with like-minded organizations in other
provinces, and facilitate sharing of experiences across provinces; and

c) Facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience at the national level among government and non-government agencies.

Progress Report 2018-2019

The results for 2018/19 continued the same very positive pattern observed during the pilot project with the proportion of children unable to perform key skills falling dramatically over the course of the year and the proportion of children able to perform key skills independently rising very substantially.

Progress Report 2017-2018

The remainder of this report focuses on the progress made between April 2017 and March 2018 with respect to the implementation of the project, the results of the third phase as reflected in the development of the children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills and the allocation of technical and financial resources. It concludes with a brief discussion of the establishment of the Dek Noi Pattana Foundation.

Progress Report 2016-2017

Following successful implementation of the first phase of the early childhood development project at the Watchaisrisa-ard Child Development Center in Tambon Donraed, the project was asked by the Tambon Administration to support the other five development centers in the sub-district to reach and maintain the same quality and impact that was achieved in Watchaisrisa-ard while also ensuring that Watchaisrisa-ard was able to maintain and improve its performance.

Progress Report 2015

In early 2014 a need for basic playground equipment at the Watchaisrisa-ard Early Learning Center in Donraed sub-district, Rattanaburi district of Surin province was identified and financial assistance was sought. With the advice from early childhood learning experts and the support of a former pupil at the Learning Center and a friend of the former pupil who believe strongly in the importance of early childhood education, the initial focus on physical improvements expanded into a larger scale development project.

Monitoring Reports

Report on EC assessments and age-specific competency development (children 2-3 yearold) in Donraed and Salakdai ECD centers By Dek Noi Pattana Foundation.